The Best Book for going deeper than the failed diet industry can take you.

(All True Transformations must start from within)

In our modern society we're bombarded with information and knowledge. If all it took was more knowledge we would have eradicated obesity. You have to go deeper.

Dino Nowak

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Delilah Radio Personality, Author, Songwriter & Mom

    “Dino provides a fresh message that's gimmick free and gets to the heart of the matter. 
    I know this book will restore hope to so many people.”

  • avatar Charlene Tilton Actress & Producer

    “Growing up in Hollywood I’ve felt the pressures to look a certain way.  Dino’s approach and what he says is completely freeing and encouraging.  I feel better than I have in years inside and out.”

  • Nikki Anders Record label and music publishing President. Recording artist, songwriter and producer.

    “I’ve had the pleasure of training with Dino and his approach of taking health and fitness beyond aesthetics and into the art of helping people become healthy has had a dramatic affect on me personally.  It has changed the way I look at fitness and body image and has enabled me to lead a more balanced life.  I truly feel Dino’s message has the power to change many, many lives.” Record label and music publishing President. Recording artist, songwriter, and producer.


About The Author

Dino has been seen on everything from Entertainment Tonight, Lifetime Television, Fitness Magazine, Women's World and much more.

His mission has been to educate, encourage and give hope to those who have tried everything under the sun to shed the pounds, take back their health or simply age their very best.

His book The Final Makeover was Dino's first charge into shattering the diet myths, supplement pushers and instant gratification snake oil sales people who prey on the burdens and hopes of the public.

For the past few years Dino with his company he founded- Renu Health and Fitness have developed cutting edge programs that go into hospitals and physical therapy organizations to improve the outcomes and reduce readmission rates after patients have been discharged from physical therapy. His vision has been to bridge the gap between fitness and medicine in a day and age our nation is on the brink of a personal health crisis.

The public needs solutions based on sound science but also an approach that sees them in their entirety, not just the physical aspect. If the solution was simply a lack of knowledge everyone would be fit and healthy, it goes deeper and must start from within.

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